Configuration Manager Migration pre planning

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        Hope you have time, today I will be sharing complete migration approach, for migration of system center configuration from any incumbent to bring in to your datacenter or any of the cloud. I will be focusing more on area key areas in terms of the migrations with step by step guide lines. Also Complete Migration is split into multiple articles with all the details views. Hope these Articles will help in in understanding the Migration concepts in better way.

SCCM Migration between Source Hierarchy to Destination hierarchy.

SCCM Migration primarily consist of 3 phases.


  • Plan your object migration strategy
  • Plan your client migration strategy
  • Plan for inventory and compliance data
  • Plan for Content migration strategy 
  • Plan for the completion of migration from the source hierarchy

Build the Destination Hierarchy

ü    Identify the Servers to use in the destination hierarchy

  •         Create your destination hierarchy
  •         Install a central administration site and then install at least one child primary
  •         Install a stand-alone primary if you do not plan to use a central administration site
  •         Configure and synchronize software updates in the destination hierarchy before you can migrate software updates information from the source hierarchy
  •         Install and configure additional site system roles in the destination hierarchy
  •         Configure additional site system roles and site systems that you require.
  •         Check operational functionality in the destination hierarchy
  •         Check that all installed site system roles are operational

      Configure and Run the Migration

  •         Enable migration in the destination hierarchy
  •         When the source hierarchy runs Configuration Manager 2007 SP2, select and configure additional sites in the source hierarchy 
  •         Configure distribution point sharing (important note: Content cannot be distributed from Destination hierarchy to the shared distribution points).
  •         Create and run migration jobs to migrate objects associated with the clients in the source hierarchy
  •         Migrate clients to the destination hierarchy
  •         Upgrade or reassign shared distribution points once Source Hierarchy is ready for decommission. 
  •         Stop data Gathering 
  •         Cleanup the Migration data

Prerequisites and Key points to be considered before Migration is Performed

Access requirements to configure, run, and monitor migration.

  •         In the destination site, your account must be assigned the role-based administration security role of Infrastructure Administrator.
  •         Source Site Account: This account is used to access the SMS Provider of the source site; this account requires Read permission to all source site objects.
  •         Source Site Database Account: This account is used to access the SQL Server database of the source site and requires Connect, Execute, and Select permissions to the source site database.

Objects that you can migrated

  • Applications 
  • App-V Virtual Environment 
  • Asset Intelligence customization
  • Boundaries
  • Collections
  • Compliance settings: 1). Configuration baselines and 2). Configuration items
  • Deployments
  • Operating system deployment: 1) Boot images. 2) Driver packages 3) Drivers 4) Images 5) Packages 6) Task sequences
  • Software updates: 1) Deployments 2) Deployment packages 3) Templates 4) Software update lists
  • Software distribution packages
  • Software metering Rules Virtual application packages

Data and Objects that you cannot migrated

  •         AMT client provisioning information
  •         Files on clients, including:
  •         Client inventory and history data
  •         Files in the client cache
  •         Queries
  •         Configuration Manager 2007 security rights and instances for the site and objects
  •         Configuration Manager 2007 reports from SQL Server Reporting Services
  •         Configuration Manager 2007 web reports
  •         System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and System Center Configuration Manager reports

            Now We understand that what are pre-request and planning let move to next Article on

            Phase 2 End to End process how to achieve goal 

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