We Understand Planning and details requirement now lets talk about details how to full fill and make successful Migration.  :-)

In this Article i will be  sharing details End to End Procedure for Running Migration from Source Hierarchy

Once we have configured the Destination Hierarchy and Verified Operational Functionality and after meeting all the Prerequisites We can perform the Migration activity by connecting to Source Hierarchy from Destination Hierarchy. Below steps should be followed in order to perform the Migration.

Logon to the Top Level server (CAS or Standalone Primary server) in i will be sharing  Standalone Primary server.

From the SCCM console 

  •           Browse to Administration Workspace
  •           Select Migration, at the Top Ribbon click on the Icon Specify Source Hierarchy. 

Now in the below Source Hierarchy, Select the following options

  • Provide the FQDN for Top-level Configuration Manager Site server
  • Specify the Migration account that you have already created as part of your Migration Prerequisites Note: Migration account requires Read permission to all source site objects and requires Connect, Execute, and Select permissions to the source site database. This account must be assigned the role-based administration security role of Infrastructure Administrator. 
  • In the User Accounts Radio Button Options Set the Migration Account that you Already Created. 

  • If you are planning to utilize the Existing distribution points from the source Hierarchy, then select the option Enable Distribution points sharing for the Source site.  By Selecting this option Sccm clients in Destination Hierarchy may can get the content from the Distribution points that belong to Source Hierarchy. Also Very important note > Devices in Source Hierarchy can only receive the content that is already available in Source Hierarchy, meaning that any new applications or packages that are available in destination Hierarchy cannot be distributed to DP Shared DP’s from Source Hierarchy.  We have covered more on DP sharing and reassignment in upcoming documents, you may refer it for more information. 



  • Click Ok to initiate a Data Gathering Session that may run up to several minutes, wait for the Data gathering to be completed. Data Gathering would analyze the total number objects that are available for Migration from the source Hierarchy.


Note: Now We are ready to Migrate object 

Crete a Migration Job to Migrate Objects from Source Heirarchy, Post Completion of Data-Gathering Job.

Now Create Migration Job to Fetch Objects from Source Hierarchy, below is the procedure.

  • Right click Migration Jobs and Select Create Migration Job


  • Provide a Name of your choice for the Migration Job
  • Under Job type We have 2 Options Object Migration and Objects modified after Migration.

Select Object Migration in this case

Objects modified after Migration can be used in future Migrations when the Objects in Source Hierarchy are Modified after our first Migration process is run.

       Ex: if there are new Applications and Collections are added in the Source site after our 1st Migration job is executed, then we must select the option Objects modified after        Migration

       This job will only show us the Objects that are newly added or modified in Source Hierarchy instead of listing all Available objects.


  • Review the list of Objects that are listed and Select All Objects that you would like to Migrate from Source Hierarchy and Click Next