WSUS SP2 Console is keep getting crash

ssue Reported:  WSUS 3.0 SP2 Console is keep getting crash. Clients are doing full scan so that  WSUS console is getting crash also we are receiving w3wp.exe just in time debugger error which is used by the IIS process.

While looking process active connection it showing more than 115000 device but actually we don’t have device in environments.

Environments: SCCM 1511

Operating System: Server 2008 R2

Device Managed with SCCM : 10,000 and More


Step 1: Verified proper iis wsus pool service has enough memory.

Step 2:  Verified webconfig  file which available on Update service directory as screen shot below

Step 3:  Compare webconfig file with working and not working environments. By seeing web.config file below line should not  be there refer below screenshot for not working system  

Step 4: We have remove value which is not require on webconfig file.

Once perform this step console start working and connection comet under 2000.

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