MDT 2013 creating and configuring the MDT database Error

Issue Reported: While configuration MDT Database getting below error


If you are Deploying systems using MDT and all systems need to have the same software installed. The ugly part is when you need to deploy those systems and some of them don’t need Office, for example, or you need to install features or applications according to the computer’s hardware, and let’s not forget about computer naming. If you are in this situation and want to perform such tasks/deployments, you can accomplish this pretty easy by configuring the MDT database. This is done by installing an instance of Microsoft SQL server, then creating and configuring the MDT database which will be the central repository for storing the configuration settings used to deploy multiple systems. It can be done by either using a full SQL server or the SQL Server® 2014 Express

Now log in on the SQL server and open the SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Expand SQL Server Network Configuration → Protocols for MSSQLSERVER. Here we need to enable the Named Pipes protocol, so right click →it and choose Enable.

Don’t close the window. Go to SQL Server Services right → Click SQL Server Browser → And choose Properties. Click on Service tab → Select Automatic from the Start Mode box → Click on Apply.

To start this service you can click the Start button from the Log On tab or right-click the service name and choose Start.

After above step, Restart SQL server service, so right click SQL Server and choose Restart

Now Logon to MDT Server is installed, open the Deployment Workbench and expand your Deployment Share → Advanced Configuration → Right-click the Database object and choose New Database.

SQL Server details Wizard, type your SQL server name, instance if other than default, and port number, again only if is different from the default one. On the Network Library box choose Named Pipes; don’t go with TCP/IP Sockets because you might have deployment problems using this protocol.

If you get the error message “A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or not accessible…” verify that Named Pipes protocol is enabled on the SQL server.

Since we have no database for MDT, Hence we need to create one. Type a name for the database → Click Next to continue.

In order to make a SQL Server connection using windows integrated security from Windows PE, It may be necessary to first establish a secure connection to the server. This is done by mapping a drive to the server. Specify the name of an existing share on the server that can be used to make this mapped drive connection but if your SQL instance is on a different server, like in this example, you will have to use a share from here. I usually share an empty folder with full permissions.

All you have to do here Summary → Next to create the database.

Confirmation .It will take a few seconds to create it,and at the end just hit he Finish button to close the wizard.

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