MDT 2013 customsetting.ini rules are not getting applied

Issue reported: While deploying image via task sequence default rule is getting applied.

Below is exact solution:

This is a quick guide for configuring settings per task sequence using MDT 2010, without the use of the database.

Step 1: Collected logs which are available on below path:

  • Before the Image is applied to the machine: X:\MININT\SMSOSD\OSDLOGS
  • After the system drive has been formatted : C:\MININT\SMSOSD\OSDLOGS
  • After Deployment: %WINDIR%\TEMP\DeploymentLogs
BDD.LOG – This is an aggregated log of all the MDT Logs.
SMSTS.LOG – This log would be used to troubleshoot Task Sequence errors

Step 2: Validate Bdd.log on issue reported systems

Step 3: Validate issue reported task sequence path

Step 4: After validate task sequence path found its not accessible as well as its not recommend to have above rule file path.


We have to make sure if we need to overright customsetting.ini update it should be in same deployment share path with different name

For example:


If I want to over right need to create other file with different name in same path


Then we need to give in task sequence with below Image.

Refer below Initialization step in task sequence  for overright.

Then schedule deployment it will work as needed.

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