Windows 10 Feature Anniversary Update installation issue via SCCM 1606

Issue reported : While upgrade windows 10 anniversary update getting below error

Error 0x8000ffff on windows 10 machine for anniversary update installation.


Step 1:  Below are the step and action taken for resolve above error.
Cleanup of WSUS using some powershell command refer command on this URL powershell command

Step 2:  After fix above error we start receiving this error 0xc1800118 which is explain in this post. Detail discussions

You will get this error:  RecoverCrypto File is encrypted, But no key was provided


Step 3: Workaround i.e. SUP + WSUS reinstallation (Along with all required checklist points)

Note: Microsoft has release workaround and solution for above issue.
Microsoft KB3194588


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Haresh Hirani


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