OS Deployment failed with 0xc0000359

Issue reported : While deploying OS and booting from Network getting error with 0xc0000359

Error :



Most of the organization is use organizations use 32 bit (x86) boot images to deploy both 32bit and 64 bit operating systems for UEFI Hardware deployment

UEFI hardware however requires a that the boot image must match the architecture of the device it’s booting on otherwise it will fail to boot.

So for example, you must use a 64 bit boot wim if the UEFI hardware itself is 64 bit, similarly you must use a 32 bit boot wim if the UEFI hardware is 32 bit. In most cases I’ve dealt with however, the UEFI hardware (for example Surface Pro 3) is already 64bit therefore it would require a 64 bit boot wim.

If you UEFI network boot 64 bit UEFI hardware in an environment that responds with a 32bit boot image, you’ll see the following error

“File: \Windows\System32\boot\winload.efi Status: 0xc0000359”

as shown in the screenshot above

Make sure we should use correct architecture Boot Image

Details explanation Click Here

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