SCCM 1702 Servicing: Update stuck in Installing state

Issue Reported:  SCCM 1702 Update stuck in Installing state

While trying to deploy KB4019926 to SCCM CB 1702 using in-console servicing. The hotfix is downloaded and replicated to the hierarchy but installation never started.

While verify CMUPDATE.log: “Waiting for changes to the “D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\” directories, updates will be polled in 600 seconds…” for a couple of days now


Step 1: Verify HMan.log: INFO: 2.ESC file was found. Easy setup package needs to be updated.
Get update package 82258EB9-88F1-427A-8B42-5A5C7FD185FF, \\SERVERNAME\EasySetupPayLoad\82258EB9-88F1-427A-8B42-5A5C7FD185FF
INFO: Successfully requested package PACKAGEID to be updated from its source.

Step 2:  This triggers an update of the package which gets sent to distmgr.log:
Taking package snapshot for package PACKAGEID from source \\SERVERNAME\EasySetupPayLoad\82258EB9-88F1-427A-8B42-5A5C7FD185FF
Content definition already exists: \\?\DRIVE:\SCCMContentLib\DataLib\PACKAGEID
Successfully created RDC signatures for package PACKAGEID version 4 This then triggers the update of the package, this can take a while

While validate it found that Antivirus is blocking to move further and it take time to move further of the package generations interrupted once clear blocking content it went smother upgrade completed as normal.

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  • Bhasker-CM

    2017-09-19 17:51:00

    Download failed for content under context System. I am seeing this error in UpdateHandler.log. The DP's are having full permissions on the package the client is trying to pull from. Can you help on this? cas failed to download update error = 0x80070005. Releasing content request

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