1702 OSD Fails, There are no task sequences available for this computer

Issue reported: 1702 OSD Fails none of the build is getting pxe boot. Error: There are no task sequences available for this computer

Workaround :

Point 1: Run this query in SQL Mgmt. Studio to confirm that you have a duplicate;

select * from UnknownSystem_DISC inner join System_DISC on UnknownSystem_DISC.SMS_Unique_Identifier0 = System_DISC.SMS_Unique_Identifier0

Point 2: Run query to check for current unknown devices and copy their itemkey and GUID; select * from UnknownSystem_DISC

Point 3: Change registry value from 1 to 0 on site server to trigger unknown devices to be recreated. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS

Point 4: Monitor the DDM.log on your site server to see if SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER has picked up the changes and created the new unknown devices. Look for “Created x86 Unknown Computer DDR” “Created x64 Unknown Computer DDR”

Point 5: If it hasn’t created new unknown objects after 10 minutes; Restart the server or the SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER service on the site to force it to detect the changed reg value. See previous step before proceeding

Point 6:  Re-run the SQL command to see the new and old unknown devices;  select * from UnknownSystem_DISC

Point 7: Delete both the old unknown devices using their itemkey that was noted down in the first step; delete from UnknownSystem_DISC where ItemKey = ‘xxxxxxxxxx”

Point 8: Update the unknown computers collection in SCCM

Point 9: You can either recreate PXE on your DP now (remove and add again) or do the next steps Grab the new itemkey and GUIDs from SQL Mgmt Studio;  select * from UnknownSystem_DISC

Point 10: Update these values on Distribution Point with the corresponding itemkeys and GUIDsHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\DP “UnknownX86GUID”=”xxxxxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx” “UnknownX64GUID”=”xxxxxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx” “UnknownX86ItemKey”=dword:00000000 “UnknownX64ItemKey”=dword:00000000

Point 11: Restart WDS Server on Distribution Point

Point 12: Verify

Note: If you have more than one DP, do the last two steps on all of them.”

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