SCCM 2012 monitoring – Site Status – Reporting Services Point – Status Critical

Issue reported: 

We have noticed that the Site Status under Monitoring shows Reporting services point as in Critical state though we do not see anything wrong with SCCM as such (at least we haven’t been reported any problems thus far). There is nothing in the event viewer on SQL Server. Just wanted to know how to resolve this issue.



Step 1:  When I try to open status messages for Reporting Services (for any days) it does not return anything as if there are no status messages for this role. Also, could you let me know the log file locations/names for Reporting services point?

Step 2:  Validated logs SRSRP.log if any error found no error and reports is working fine.

Step 3: Based on everything goes well so we have executed below query

update dbo.summarizer_sitesystem set status = ‘0’ where SiteSystem = ‘[“Display=\\DBSERVER.FQDN\”]MSWNET:[“SMS_SITE=PRI”]\\DBSERVER.FQDN\’ and role = ‘SMS SRS Reporting Point’

Step 4: After executing above query. It should set the status back to 0.

Thanks & Regards,
Haresh Hirani


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