Device Enrollment 0x80070774

Error code: 0x80070774

Error Message: Something went wrong

Error Cause: Domain controller not found

  • Get Device Serial number, either form name of device (SWP-Serial number) or press Shift+F10 on device to open Command Prompt and then executing the command “wmic bios get serialnumber”
  • Go to Intune portal, Devices and All Devices
  • Search for all devices with this serial number
  • Remove devices with this serial number
  • Get “Device Serial Number,Windows Product ID,Hardware Hash” from device 
  • Store this information in a CSV in same format
  • Go to Intune portal, Device enrollment, windows enrollment and devices
  • Search for device with this serial number and remove it
  • Click Import button and Browse to CSV file
  • Import device and wait for 60 minutes to get device visible again
  • After that start device enrollment process once again
  • If after boot device Prompt option to choose “Personally used or company used” then Profile assignment is still missing
  • Wait for some more time and open Command prompt using Shift+F10 and execute command “shutdown -r -t 0”
  • Device will be rebooted, and issue will be resolved

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