Once feature upgrade windows 10 1903 Distribution point IIS Service does not starting.


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Thank you for keep watching space.  I hope you all gaining some knowledge on each time. Today I will be sharing solutions that you have client Distributions point and its working as expected but due to security and service plan of your client distribution point needed to upgrade. After Upgrade client distribution point to 1903 issue start reporting with IIS Service won’t start.


Good Now you have problem statement that.


Issue - Once feature upgrade windows 10 1903 Distribution point IIS Service does not starting.


Error – “Cannot Start Application Pool - Application pools cannot be started unless Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) is running." When we force start to work net start was below error reported

The Windows Process Activation Service could not be started.  A system error has occurred. System error 1 has occurred.


For work around We have rollback to previous upgrade of the version service start working as normal.

To make things work normal as 1903 version




Open command prompt and execute below command to regenerate iis key and iis pool service get started as normal.


reg delete HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WAS\Parameters /v GenerateKeys /f
net start w3svc


To archive on multiple distribution point download PSEXEC tool and connect with remote computer psExec \\computer cmd


Now paste above key value and restart iis service it will work as normal.


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