Greeting for the day!!! Hope you have good weekends. Once again happy to share new solutions.

Today I will be sharing very unique issue that you have production changes and you have done proper check but while start implementing change you are getting stranger error. Let’s discussed on solutions.

Failed to create registry key with error 5

Issue: While installing 1902 getting error requested registry access is not allowed.

While validate on configmgrsetup.log found that trying to create registry but due to in sufficient right things is not moving. Below error is reporting on configmgrsetup.log 

Let’s have details solution:

To fixed above issue follow below steps to validate

Point 1:  Make sure require permission has been granted like

  • SCCM_Admins
  • SCCM_SiteServers

    Note:  Add both SCCM Server computer account and the SCCM Administrator account to the local administrator group on the site server.

    Point 2: Make sure below permission in HKLM

    Everyone: Read

    All Application Packages: Read

    System: Full Control

    Administrator: Full Control

    Point 3: In our case we have validate below registry and granted missing permission.  Once we have added below permission issue got resolve. 

    Regirstry Path - HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurePipeServers

    All Application Packages : Read

    System: Full Control

    Administrators: Full Control

    Users: Read