Management Point Database Replica – Service Broker setup issue

Issue reported: Management Point Database Replica – Service Broker setup issue

After installing Management point by referring url :Click Here Getting error.

Step 1: Verify bgbserver.log.  You might get Error : The queue for BGB server doesn’t exist.”

Execute procedure on sql site database : sp_BgbConfigSSBForReplicaDB and validate.

Solution : Execute below query provided by MS more details refer Click Here  Make sure change below Highlight color code.

use CM_


  –end conversation ‘3EF0E925-E1A0-E211-95AB-14FEB58ADE09’ with cleanup


               Declare @ServerID INT

               select @ServerID=ServerID FROM BGB_Server where ServerName = ‘’

               select ‘serverID=’,@ServerID

               DECLARE @Err    INT

               DECLARE @ErrMsg NVARCHAR(MAX)

               DECLARE @ProcedureName NVARCHAR(128) = (SELECT OBJECT_NAME(@@PROCID));

               DECLARE @Ret    INT = 0


               DECLARE @DBID NVARCHAR(256)

               SELECT @GroupID = GroupID, @DBID = ISNULL(DBID, N”) FROM BGB_Server WHERE ServerID = @ServerID

               select ‘groupID’,@GroupID

               IF @GroupID IS NULL OR @DBID IS NULL


                — @GroupID can be null if BGB server is an old version which doesn’t contain GroupID

               SET @ErrMsg = ‘ERROR: BGB server does not exists or is obsoleted’

               select ‘groupID is NULL’, @ErrMsg

               SET @Ret = 1

               GOTO EXITTRY


               DECLARE @LocalService    NVARCHAR(128);

               DECLARE @TargetService   NVARCHAR(128);

               DECLARE @Contract        NVARCHAR(50);

               DECLARE @InitiatorHandle UNIQUEIDENTIFIER

               SET @LocalService = N’ConfigMgrBGB_Site’ + dbo.fnGetSiteCode();

               SET @TargetService = N’ConfigMgrBGB_Site’ + @DBID;

               SET @Contract = dbo.fnDrsGetPrioritySysName(7); — Fix priority to 7

               select ‘local service, target servcie and contact’, @LocalService,@TargetService,@Contract

               EXEC @Err = dbo.spGetSSBDialogHandle @FromService=@LocalService, @ToService=@TargetService, @OnContract=@Contract,

               @ConversationGroupID=@GroupID,@Handle=@InitiatorHandle OUTPUT;

               — spGetSSBDialogHandle only use 1 to indicate error

               IF @Err = 1 OR @InitiatorHandle IS NULL


               SET @ErrMsg = ‘ERROR: Can not get a valid conversation handle for BGB server ‘ + CAST(@ServerID AS NVARCHAR(MAX))

               select ‘spGetSSBDialogHandle error:’, @ErrMsg

               SET @Ret = 2

               GOTO EXITTRY


               DECLARE @OldConversationID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER;

               DECLARE @NewConversationID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER;

               SELECT @NewConversationID = conversation_id FROM sys.conversation_endpoints WHERE conversation_handle = @InitiatorHandle

               SELECT @OldConversationID = ConversationID FROM BGB_Server WHERE ISNULL(DBID, N”) = @DBID

               IF  @OldConversationID IS NULL OR @NewConversationID != @OldConversationID


               SET @ErrMsg = ‘INFO: Conversation ID for BGB server ‘ + CAST(@ServerID AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) + ‘ changed.’;

               select  ‘conversation ID change:’,@ErrMsg

               UPDATE BGB_Server SET ConversationID = @NewConversationID WHERE ServerID = @ServerID


               DECLARE @MsgXml XML

               SET @MsgXml = (SELECT 0 AS ‘@ID’, 0 AS ‘@Type’ FOR XML PATH(‘BgbPushMessage’), TYPE, ELEMENTS XSINIL)

               select ‘MsgXml=’, @MsgXml

               select @Err

               ;SEND ON CONVERSATION @InitiatorHandle MESSAGE TYPE  [BGB_ChannelStart] (@MsgXml)

               goto SUCCESS


               SET @ErrMsg = N’ERROR: Failed to send message to BGB server ‘ + CAST(@ServerID AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) + ‘.’ +

               N’ SQL Error: ‘ + CONVERT(NVARCHAR(MAX), ERROR_NUMBER()) + N’ SQL Message: ‘ + ERROR_MESSAGE();

               select ‘Exit’,@ErrMsg

               SUCCESS: select ‘Sucess.’


              Select @@servername

              select ep.* from BGB_Server server join sys.conversation_endpoints ep ON



              select * from BGB_Server

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