Hello Tech

Greeting for the day!! Hope you are doing well.

Hope your enjoying and my KB Solution might helping on day to day operation. We have problem but each problem has solutions.  Yes, I have received many positive emails. Thanks, you inspire me to share more issue and solutions. I will share till you are liking.

Anyway, Let come to original points.   Today I will be sharing very unique solutions. We have environment working condition while left office. When we are coming next day to office, we are getting email saying Image Build are not working on remote office.

Let Talks more about problem while booting from PXE its not getting network boot.

Screen is getting struck on start pxe over IPv4


Normally PXE should move to next step Downloading NBP File, Once download completed you will Succeed to download NBP File



Now We have problem. Let talk how to resolve this kind of issue. 

Point 1:  Make sure require setting on IP Helper in place.  To verify Network team will help you to get require setting in place.

Point 2: By seeing issue reporting site we have to quick look that WDS Service is running or Available. In my case Migrated distribution point require setting was available next day WDS Got corrupted and service is not available.

Point 3: Why WDS got corrupted. In case if you are running SCCM environment on Higher version but migrated distribution point running with lower version of the SCCM client Then this type of issue comes. 

To validate Look even viewer on issue reported servers.  Login to issue reported location distribution found. CM Client install and next day it self WDS is not working. By seeing event view found below error on servers.