Content Source Migration of Migrated Applications and Packages

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Today we will be sharing you the procedure to update the Content Library in the Destination Hierarchy, once the Object Migration Jobs are completed. Also we will share you the PowerShell script that you can download from TechNet. Also we will provide you step by step procedure how to use this GUI tool to automatically update the Content Library.

Ø  Go to below link to download the ConfigMgr Content Source Update Tool 1.0.2.

Ø  Copy the Script to the Destination Hierarchy server and Run the PowerShell script with the Account that has Read rights on Content Library of Source Hierarchy (It is a prerequisite for Migration account to have Read access to Package source server of Source Hierarchy).

Ø  Enter the Site Server Name for the Source Hierarchy as Input.

1.        Enter the Destination Server Content Library path, where you will be hosting your package Share.

2.        Enter the Destination Server Content Library Path where the Package source is located.

3.       Once step1 and Step 2 is populated, click on Validate. In this step Script will connect to the Destination site and analyze the all the packages and provides the list shown in step6, select all the packages for which you would like to update the content.

4.       Select the check box copy files to new location.

5.       Click on update. In this step script will copy all the selected packages from Source Content Library to Destination Content Library, Also Packages/Applications that were previously showing the content location from old Package source from the Source Hierarchy will be now updated with New Source location from the Destination Hierarchy. (meaning that now the packages/Application should be ready for Distribution to Distribution points) if you are planning to use the Distribution point Reassignment option then, content Distribution to DP’s can be performed after the DP reassignment is completed. We have covered the DP Reassignment in next Article.

 Hope you have liked this article. We will continue to our next article (Distribution point Reassignment).

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