Client send Inventory How to Validate on Server side.

              We have seen in Phase 1 that how to validate on Client side.  

              We will look here How to Validate inventory has been update on system center  Configuration Server.

We have validate on previous Article that my client is sending Inventory how to look on details that my management point is processing or not.

On your Management Point server open log location SCCM_install_dir\SMS_CCM\Logs\MP_Hinv.log using CMTrace. And Search for the computername

The SCCM Site Server validate that SCCM_install_dir\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs and open up the dataldr.log.

Now you inventory has been updated on your database but some time your file is larger than define

Inventory Data Loader failed to process the file E:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\\Process\ HAIF7F21.MIF because it is larger than the defined maximum allowable size of 500000.

Then we have to go to  On your SCCM server open regedit.exe and go to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Components\SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER. Next you’ll want to change the default Max MIF Size from 5000000 to something larger like 40000000


Let’s have phase 3 None of the Client Inventory getting update

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