Deployed security patch most of the client is reported failure with error 0x87d0027e

When we have done over job proper but next day while seeing result that not make happy because of any reason. I want to share one more solutions for similar situations like we have schedule deployment by seeing all the content reach to the distribution point and while seeing result next day as overview report most of the client is reported failed with error. In this article will discussed about issue and solutions to bring success deployments. We have problems but there is solutions.

Issue reported: After deployment of the security patch most of the client is reported failure with error 0x87d0027e.

Below are the key steps taken to reach to the solutions.

Step 1: Validate below logs on client side.

·         DataTransferService.log

·         locationservices.log

·         wuahander.log

·         windowsupdate.log

·         UpdatesDeployment.log

·         UpdatesStore.log

Step 2: By seeing logs  DataTransferService.log by seeing logs below are the key error reported.

Step 3: For fixing above issue . We have taken below action on issue reported site system.

In your browser executed this URL http://<Site Server>/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$ and hit enter. Got below output.

Step 4: Found something wrong in IIS in distribution pool service settings.  Below are the changes have been on SMS Distribution point pool service and tested results.


Results : Client start getting package download Below are the results.

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