All the Deployed task sequence not showing in unknown computer.

ll Issue: Deployment was working as normal but suddenly one day none of the deployed task sequence is not showing to the unknown computer.


Step 1: Created Test collection and device imported with MAC ID and Target all the unknown computer deployment to new created test collection.

Step 2: By doing step one found all the task sequence as visible and ready for deployments.

Step 3: If deployments are working on created collection so created deployment and targeted to unknown (x86) Collection. All the deployment is working as normal.

Step 4: By seeing all the above testing result found issue is with only unknown (x64) Collection. Reaching near to the issue below action taken

·         Find the current Unknown Computer info, Like  note the ItemKeys and SMS_Unique_Identifier0 executed below query in to the sql collection


select * from UnknownSystem_DISC


Now we have require details.

·          Based on above details next step to verify that what are the deployment has been offer for finding that execute below query.


Here you will get targeted deployment to specific deployment to the collections.

 Note: If nothing has been found then no policy has been reach to the collection by TSmanager.


·         You will get message you will get the message that there are No TS Advertisements Found. When this happens, the cause is most likely that a machine which ran the TS, starting as an Unknown Machine, completed   the TS and registered itself with the site and was assigned the same GUID as the Unknown Computer object.


·          To confirm you can the ClienID from SMSTS or SMSPXE and past it into this query: select * from System_DISC where SMS_Unique_Identifier0 like '%pasteGUIDhere%'

Found that one of the machine is using same GUID which was using by SMS_Unique_Identifier Table for unknown (x64) collection. 


Based on finding i have particular system from all system collection. 

Note: its best practice to delete device from all systems collections.


After performing above step all the targeted deployments are visible to unknown collections.


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