SCCM 1706 Current Branch Secondary site upgrade keep failing

Issue Reported: SCCM 1706 Current Branch Secondary site upgrade keep failing, Below is screen shot for reference.


Step 1: We have to validate logs on secondary site reporting primary site ConfigMgrPrereq.log ConfigMgrSetup.log. Log will be located on c: driver. By seeing logs found below error on



Step 2: By seeing above error We have validate upgraded of all the site server like CAS and Primary and found that site server Hostname was missing from computer management from local administrator group. Added in to the site server. below is screen shot for reference.

Step 3: I have validate on sql level permission from in all the site server computer account like CAS, PRI, SEC. We gave Sysadmin and Security admin rights to same as of “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM” account in secondary SQL.

Step 4: After given all the permission and re-start upgrade it went well without any issue. Below is reference screen to after upgrade.

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